Originally created 01/31/05

Drug war needs a new approach

There seems to be a backward approach regarding the war on drugs, and it's nationwide.

How? The two-bit buyer is being arrested around the corner from a known drug house versus the dealer being arrested. This creates jail overcrowding, which costs taxpayers a ton of money, let alone costing taxpayers even more wasted money in new jails being built to house these two-bit buyers, as well as creating an open door for drug addicts who didn't get caught yet to go out and rob, beat and mug people to support their addiction.

This backward approach has forced thousands of Americans to move south here to Georgia from states like New York, Ohio, and Michigan, just to name three. Why? Because this backward approach has been going on up north for years now, which has left dealers in business. Their supporters become co-dealers, property values drop because of the resultant poor-risk crime areas, and some co-dealers move south because they see how easy and wide-open we are down here. A recent call to a detective produced this response: "Even if we play hardball with these dealers, they'll be out of jail in no time and back in business somewhere else."

This response makes no sense! Arresting the two-bit buyer on a low possession charge will certainly guarantee that person a short jail sentence, vs. a drug dealer who can be arrested on major felonies for major possession. Simple math, folks!

There's only one way to end this vicious circle: Involve the National Guard, as well as state and county police, to start knocking out the major drug-dealers. If not, we'll be dealing with much more crime well within these next 10 years, which will cost us all a ton more.

Dan Leonard


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