Originally created 01/30/05

Help greatest number of pupils

What a great thing! I suppose that's what I'm supposed to say about The Chronicle story "Students get a chance at early college work" (Jan. 7). Ninth-graders now can take college courses, and high school graduates can graduate with a two-year college degree.

Well, as it is now, many high school graduates cannot perform work at the eighth-grade level, and too many college graduates can't perform work at the 12th-grade level, and all this is accomplished with taxpayers' dollars. It is very apparent the educational system has been dumbed down since the 1960s and continues to do so.

I guess some would say: "This is just for the special few who can accomplish this task." I would say for starters:

  • Do away with the right to an education; make the pupil work for their education.
  • Get those who don't want to learn, the disruptive pupils, out of the classes.
  • Get special-interest entities out of the educational system.
  • Disrupt the parent vacation by getting them to take responsibility for their children.
  • Eliminate the mentality that every student needs a college education.
  • Turn off the television and video games.
  • Make K-12 and the college system very distinctive and selective, where students can start college without colleges giving them pre-college courses to get them ready for college.
  • I am sure the educators would say we are making progress, but it takes money and time. Well!

    I would say it doesn't take more money; it takes motivation, dedication and hard work, and 45 years is too long! At the rate they are going, I will be dead, and college graduates still will not be doing work at the 12th-grade level.

    Howard Lobaugh, North Augusta, S.C.


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