Originally created 01/30/05

Unfunny and unbelievable

Waves of righteous criticism are not easily swept away.

That's what officials at a New York radio station are finding after their morning personalities aired a disgusting and racist song mocking the victims of the Asian tsunami Jan. 18.

The song, to the tune of 1995's famine-relief song We are the World, included racist slurs toward Asians and, even more incredibly, made light of floating bodies and orphaned children being put into slavery.

Initially, WQHT "Hot 97" seemed content to apologize and offer a week's worth of their stars' salaries for tsunami relief efforts. When the outrage continued to flow regardless - and major advertisers began pulling their ads - the station indefinitely suspended "Miss Jones" and the rest of the morning team.

Asian advocacy groups were not mollified by the suspensions, and continued to call for resignations. In light of the blatant inhumane and racist nature of the offending song, perhaps some heads should roll.

Even on shock radio, there are just some lines that cannot be crossed.


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