Originally created 01/22/05

Bottom-feeders shouldn't be allowed ads

I was appalled to see an ad from personal injury attorneys soliciting business from victims of the Graniteville train wreck. It was on the same online page as the listing of stories about the wreck.

To give The Chronicle the benefit of the doubt, I accuse the newspaper of using poor judgment.† I know it must sell advertising space, but this is one ad it should have turned down. The ad was tacky to say the least and, at worst, highly offensive.

These lawyers are bottom-feeders who give all lawyers a bad name.†I was born and raised in North Augusta, and there are many fine attorneys in Aiken County.

I am married to an attorney, and I can tell you he upholds the canons of ethical and professional conduct as outlined by the American Bar Association and the Kansas Bar Association.†The lawyers in your ad deserve to be censured, at least, for their lack of integrity.

Tonya Swearingen Smith, Topeka, Kan.


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