Originally created 01/21/05

Contrary to speaker's assertion, police officers only doing jobs

I read your paper every day and for the most part I really enjoy the writers and the way the paper is put to press. I also want you to know that I love Augusta and used to live in Augusta.

I do hate Augusta politics and the way they dwell on the past. When we let people like NAACP Vice Chairman Roslyn Brock speak, we cut our own throat.

We no longer have a world like the '60s. The rules are different. I just have to stand up for the police and for what they do for us, and if you or Ms. Brock want to call it "police brutality and racial profiling," then so be it. But I call it protecting themselves while protecting us

I recently picked my brother up from the bus station on Greene Street, and as we were returning to Beech Island, I wanted to show my brother some of the houses I worked on a few years earlier. As I turned out of Olde Town, I was pulled over for being white in a crack area. I didn't get upset. The officers were just doing their jobs. They knew the area, and they knew I didn't belong there, so they did just what they were hired to do: find out why I was there. I might have been buying crack or breaking into your home. These officers have families and children, and I, for one, don't want their deaths on my head.

The people most upset with this are those doing wrong. I was treated with respect, and yes it scared me a little, but I got over it fast when the officer put me at ease.

I just hope the people who listened to Ms. Brock understand it was a dream in the '60s, and we can never go back - only forward - and how fast we move forward is up to we the people. All the people.

Joe Nirenberg, Jackson, S.C.


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