Originally created 01/21/05

Our leaders need a refresher course in handling money

Every time you look in the paper, you see something about both the county and the schools needing more money. I think both county officials and school officials need a lesson in Accounting 101. From their actions it seems none has anybasic business experience. In business, sometimes you have to adjust expenses according to income.

You see where both are continually buying homes to build new office buildings, stadiums, etc.If money is so short, then why not quit so much expansion?They feel the taxpayers have unending money to keep supplying their wants.

A few days ago, Mayor Bob Young wrote as if he just found out about so many unpaid taxes.Where have they all been? Records have been there all the time.

For starters: Why do all county employees have to have cell phones? How many are used for personal business? When Bob Young first went in office, I believe he fired the secretary who had served several mayors and hired two. Why does he and the superintendent have to have a spokesman? Let them tell the public what they have to say. Also, I noticed where the superintendent had to have two computers and more than one cell phone. Why? Seems all of them need a lesson on what brought on the Boston Tea Party.

The seniors have paid school taxes for 40 plus years. So many now are on fixed incomes, but our officials want to tax them out of their homes.

Time for our leaders to wake up to running responsible governments. If they can't, let them get out and let's put someone in who will.

Also, how cancommissioners want more money when they will not vote on important issues and will walk out or abstain? Time for a change.

Don Matthews, Augusta


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