Originally created 12/16/04

Cell-phone restrictions begin with new year

A new policy prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving on Fort Gordon goes into effect Jan. 1.

Warnings about the policy are being issued this month, fort officials said.

Maj. Gen. Janet Hicks, the commanding general of Fort Gordon, issued the policy, which prohibits the use of the phones or hands-free devices while driving on the Army post.

The order exempts valid emergency use of cell phones and use for law enforcement purposes, medical treatment or fire response, officials said.

After Jan. 1, civilians ticketed will receive a violation notice and could be fined up to $50, or they may appear in federal Magistrate Court to challenge the ticket, officials said.

Military personnel who receive a ticket must appear before the fort's military traffic court and might have points assessed against their driving privileges.

Anyone who violates the policy three times may have his on-post driving privileges suspended, officials said.


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