Originally created 12/16/04

Color is irrelevant; winning isn't

Regarding "Gamecocks draw ire of association" (Sports article, Dec. 9): The Black Coaches Association is acting like it makes the rules. They should ask for more black coaches, but they are very wrong right now. Steve Spurrier got hired for his championship style of coaching. ...

It was known that Lou Holtz would retire in early November. He officially retired Nov. 22.

The BCA stated that Carolina should have hired a black coach or interviewed one. Yes, to interview I agree, but when you have Spurrier on the block to hire, you hire him! Note the colleges Florida, Utah, UNLV, Notre Dame, and Illinois are a few that I haven't heard that interviewed, much less hired, a black coach.

The BCA offered up three coaches those schools could interview or hire:

 •  New Mexico State's Tony Samuel, who could not have a winning season in the Sunbelt Conference. released Nov. 24;

 •  San Jose State's Fitz Hill, who could not win in the Western Athletic Conference, released Nov. 22;

 •  Notre Dame's Tyrone Willingham, who has a record that any team would love. He got released Nov. 30. He would have been a good coach to hire; Washington did.

We are talking about the SEC - it's a BCS conference that must compete with top teams every year, week in and week out.

Steve Spurrier got hired on or before the coaches got released. So it's so unfair targeting Carolina.

Every team wants a winning coach no matter what color they are. Also, a name goes a long way, and Carolina went for it. Carolina has a lot of black students, and no matter what color the coach or coaches are, we all want a winning coach.

Michael Webb, Martinez


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