Originally created 12/15/04

Work to reverse moral backslide

After the 2004 election, articles stated the religious right won the election and runs the country. If so, where is school prayer? Or more PG-rated movies? Meanwhile, on the tube, there are reality shows rife with profanity and degradation.

Who got us to this point? We only have to look in the mirror for the answer. Striving to give our kids more than we had, we forget that what we had was pretty good.

Our automobiles, appliances, etc. come with manuals of instruction for maintenance and repair. What manual comes with life? Christians point to the Bible as a source of instruction and as a guide. What do non-Christians use as a guide? Where do they get their ideas of what is right or wrong? While I am not a born-again Christian, I attend church with some. I see people trying to do the right thing and uplift others. But how many movies or TV programs portray Christians or their leaders as dumb, ignorant and overzealous, and just plain wackos?

We have elevated the word "offend" to the same status as "assault." People believe they should not be offended. Americans are being so wary of offending someone, they won't say "Merry Christmas." It's "Happy holidays," the holiday tree, etc. Do they understand what the Christ in Christmas represents? Does anyone care if Christians are offended?

If the religious right won the 2004 election, I urge all Christians, and others who care about the moral decay we are sliding into, to stop being silent and speak out. Don't just be Christian on Sundays. You must find the courage to speak out when you see injustices and not worry about offending others. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Ralph Norman, Hephzibah


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