Originally created 12/15/04

What are we thinking?

Nearly as repugnant as the sociopathic wife-and-baby killer Scott Peterson is America's morbid fascination with him.

In the vast wasteland of 24-hour cable news, selected tragedies - just how are they selected, anyway? - have now become our tawdry entertainment.

Shame on us.

We did not honor the memory of that sweet lady Laci by obsessing over her murder case. We exploited her death.

Oh, you can say the "media" milked her untimely demise, but in truth it is the public's voracious appetite for such unseemliness that is at the springhead.

For a time after Sept. 11, our national attention seemed well-focused, our priorities sane. That has now evaporated - and our thirst for the trial, the tragedy, of the century is now as consuming as ever.

What will our cable friends do if domestic peace suddenly descends on America? What if there were no murder or rape victims to exploit? Whatever would we do?

We mourn the loss of a beautiful young woman and her unborn son. We believe the death penalty is just. But was this really a national event - any more than the Joey Buttafuocos are?

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