Originally created 12/13/04

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

This is a rant about so-called fiscally conservative Republicans. We are over $400 billion in debt, all accumulated under George Bush's administration, which was left with a huge surplus by Bill Clinton's administration. The Republicans are a bunch of phonies.

All I want to know is what higher power fell and bumped his head and changed the parade to 6 in the evening when it's going to be dark out there and cold. They weren't thinking about the people in the parade or those that are coming to watch it. They need to change it back.

A rant for Commissioner Betty Beard. Betty, you do not speak for me. I have faith in the grand jury. The fact remains that Ronnie Few disgraced himself and disgraced our city, and you, Commissioner Beard, disgrace yourself by defending him.

For heaven's sake, please stop using X when writing the word Christmas.

It's good the Richmond County Board of Education union is coming in, because the bus drivers there have been taking too much. They really need a new director there. The one there doesn't seem to get along with all the drivers and has caused more problems. We need a change.

About this union for Richmond County bus drivers: I wish they would come to Richmond County public works. We don't have any say- so. We're treated like inmates. You'd get a lot of people to join up.

A rant for the Richmond and Burke County safety departments. You need to change your yield sign to say, "If you get there before I do," change the speed limit to 70 and 75, and you need to put a sign that says pass on double lines and curves. Just make sure nobody sees you.

This is a rave for National Hills Baptist Church. They have a great youth program there. I recommend you send your teenagers there.


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