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Across the southeast

NASA chief could have new job at LSU

NEW ORLEANS -- NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe is a top candidate for Louisiana State University chancellor after nearly three years leading the space agency through a tumultuous period marred by the Columbia shuttle disaster.

He will meet Thursday with the committee looking for someone to fill the $500,000-a-year job heading the Baton Rouge campus, search committee Chairman Joel Tohline said.

System president and acting Chancellor William Jenkins "has had his eye on O'Keefe for quite some time," Charles Zewe, spokesman for the LSU Board of Supervisors, said Sunday.

The Houston Chronicle, citing sources it did not identify, said that Mr. O'Keefe was poised to step down as NASA chief and that an announcement could come as early as today.

German sub becomes target of salvagers

HATTERAS, N.C. -- Sixty-two years ago , a German submarine prowled the Hatteras waters. Its mission: Sink anything afloat.

U-701, commanded by a 29-year-old orphan from Hamburg named Horst Degen, was carrying out the Nazi plan to sever besieged Britain from its lifeblood of American war materiel. But on July 7, 1942, an Army bomber caught the U-boat cruising on the surface and sent it to the bottom, 22 miles east of Ocracoke Inlet.

At least five crew members made the U-701 their crypt. Now, with the wreck laid bare by hurricane-shifted sands, the ship is a target again.

Souvenir hunters have stripped artifacts from the U-701 and have tried to enter the sub, which the German government considers a war grave. Sport divers and the U.S. government are trying to protect the site.

Court custody battle centers on pet cat

KEY WEST, Fla. -- A 24-pound, orange-and-white tabby with extra toes is at the center of a heated battle in Key West.

On one side: Joan and Thomas Tukey, wealthy retirees who contend they found the declawed kitty in May wandering the perfectly manicured Truman Annex grounds, dirty and hungry.

The Tukeys have hired at least two lawyers to work a case they said they expect to spend at least $10,000 making. The couple have countersued Ms. Eddins for libel.


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