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Do you know the South??

Whether Southern by birth or the good graces of geography, every soul who considers him- or herself a citizen of Dixie must have a firm grasp on some of the absolutes of Southern culture.

Be it soul food or survival secrets for a sticky summer, Southerness can be quantified.

How do you measure up? Take The Augusta Chronicle's less-than-scientific and only nominally accurate Southern scale quiz.

1. Waffle House hash browns served smothered and covered will be served with ...

A) Ham and cheese

B) Peppers and hams

C) Onions and cheese

D) Egg and tomatoes

2. Most NASCAR races run ...

A) Clockwise

B) Counter-clockwise

C) Clockwise and counter-clockwise on alternate weekends

D) Drivers' choice

3. What make and model of car is the General Lee?

A) 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

B) 1966 Ford Mustang

C) 1969 Dodge Charger

D) 1968 Pontiac GTO

4. Complete the following lyric: "Well I hope Neil Young will remember ....

A) ... Crosby, Stills and Nash in his will"

B) ... a Southern man don't need him around anyhow"

C) ... one day the South will rise again"

D) ... how much he hurt this Southern man"

5. What agricultural product is king?

A) Cotton

B) Peanuts

C) Tobacco

D) Sugar cane

6. Who was the sheriff of McNairy County?

A) Roscoe P. Coltrane

B) Buford T. Justice

C) Bobby Lee Jenkins

D) Buford Pusser

7. In the South, Coke is ...

A) An essential ingredient in the production of steel

B) An illegal narcotic

C) A generic term for any carbonated beverage

D) Forever living in the shadow of Pepsi

8. What are grits?

A) Rough-ground oats

B) Corn hominy

C) Wheat chaff

D) Bleached pine nuts

9. What flavor is Cheerwine?

A) Raspberry

B) Mixed berry

C) Cherry

D) Cranberry

10. What Southern writer was the inspiration for the character Charles Baker "Dill" Harris in To Kill a Mockingbird?

A) William Faulkner

B) Truman Capote

C) Pat Conroy

D) Tennessee Williams

11. What whiskey is distilled in a dry county in Tennessee?

A) Jack Daniels

B) Crown Royal

C) Rebel Yell

D) Old Granddad

12. At which Woolworth's lunch counter did the famous lunch counter sit-ins begin?

A) Little Rock, Ark.

B) Selma, Ala.

C) Atlanta, Ga.

D) Greensboro, N.C.

13. Which of the following songs is not by a Southern artist?

A) Nashville Skyline Rag

B) Make It Funky

C) Radio Free Europe

D) Hey Ya

14. How many states share a border with Tennessee?

A) 4

B) 6

C) 8

D) 10

15. Which Confederate general died after being accidently shot by one of his own men?

A) Robert E. Lee

B) Stonewall Jackson

C) Thomas Benton Smith

D) Peachy T. Beauregard

Quiz Answers

1: C; 2: B; 3: C; 4: B; 5: A; 6: D; 7: C; 8: B; 9: C; 10: B; 11: A; 12: D; 13: A; 14: C; 15: B

11-15 CORRECT ANSWERS: You are a true-blue Southerner with peaches, peanuts and cotton running through your veins.

6-10 CORRECT ANSWERS: You need to pick up some books by Tennessee Williams, make yourself a mint julep, slip in a CD of Ray Charles and get in touch with your roots.

0-5 CORRECT ANSWERS: Yankee, go home!


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