Originally created 11/22/04

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS TO the Georgia Bulldog hater who said that Georgia is overrated. During Mark Richt's four years of coaching at Georgia, the Bulldogs have averaged winning 10 games a year. During this time, they have never lost to a team that did not play in a bowl game. Georgia's schedule is one of the toughest in the nation. It is no disgrace to lose last year to the BCS national champion, LSU, or to an undefeated Auburn team this year that may be the best in the nation.

I THINK IT IS ridiculous that people are thinking about changing train schedules due to the accident at the mill. Everyone is sorry for the loss of those individuals, but seriously, how hard is it to see a train? If people would stop trying to beat trains, there would be no need to change the schedules.

IF LINDA SCHRENKO is guilty, then so is Charles Walker, but it looks like his case has been swept under the rug.

AS A SO-CALLED MEMBER of Travers Paine's social circle, I am appalled at the lack of justice in this case. Travers Paine, being an officer of the court, should be made to pay restitution for repeatedly having stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public. Martha Stewart should have requested a change of venue and Travers Paine should have served time in prison.

I AGREE WITH the ranters about folks collecting money in front of stores, not necessarily charities like the Salvation Army, but on any given weekend you can't go into a grocery store or a Wal-Mart without children and adults harassing you trying to sell you something, and it is so frustrating and it just makes you want to stop going on the weekend.

SO KMART AND SEARS are going to combine. If it wasn't for the tool division, Sears would have been out of business long ago. And Target and Wal-Mart beat Kmart's prices everyday. The only thing this merger is going to do is cause a bigger thud when the bottom finally falls out. I think that will be known as killing two birds with one stone.

RANT, RANT, RANT to Tutt Middle School. We've had four bomb threats in the past two weeks. This is ridiculous! As said before, bring the sheriff's task force to the middle schools, where it is desperately needed.


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