Originally created 11/22/04

5 questions - Food Lion manager Clark Poling

Clark Poling is the manager of Food Lion on South Belair Road in Martinez.

1. What day do you start seeing a rush on Thanksgiving items?

"It's already started," Mr. Poling said Friday. "It started Wednesday when our ads broke, but people buy before then also."

2. How many turkeys do you think you will sell for this Thanksgiving?

"We'll sell about 300 cases, which are four turkeys, so about 1,200 turkeys."

3. What do you think will sell out first, turkeys or cranberry sauce?

"Neither one, because we have plenty. We order plenty now so we'll have it for Christmas. Christmas is when we'll sell out."

4. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, how sick are you of Thanksgiving food?

"When Thanksgiving gets here, we don't even want Thanksgiving food. I'd rather have a roast."

5. Do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, and how?

"I'll celebrate at home with my family. I've got to work 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Then I'll celebrate."


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