Originally created 11/22/04

Freedoms have to be fought for, won

I was listening to the evening news recently, being reported by "truthful" Dan Rather, and Liz Palmer was reporting from Fallujah. She was interviewing one of our military leaders, and asked a stupid question: if he did not think the United States was using a sledgehammer to squash a mosquito.

This is the mindset of ignorant liberals in this country. She and Paul Cook are from the same mold. They think all these freedoms and privileges come automatically without any cost.

The liberals don't realize that if some people were not willing to fight and die for freedom, where would the Cooks and Palmers be? Why don't the people go to Iraq and demonstrate against us freeing the Iraqis from the conditions they are living under? There would be some new beheadings going on.

I don't know what kind of morals these people have, but praise President Bush for his belief in Jesus Christ. May he lead us back to being a Christian nation again ... .

Bob Thomas

Jackson, S.C.


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