Originally created 11/05/04

Without top 40 hits, radio is dead

Finally, there is an actual article ("Pop fizzles," Oct. 31) regarding the lack of a top 40 music station in Augusta.

I have been a loyal listener to 105.7 since I moved to Augusta in 1999, and I am 30 years old and a mother of two. My girls and I would listen to the top 40 countdown and dance our hearts out. Now, we just do not listen to the radio anymore.

It is amazing to me that 105.7 would go to country. How many country stations do we actually need in Augusta? I am sure their ratings have dropped drastically, as I have heard nothing but complaints regarding the change of format, and I am talking about people in the 30-45 age bracket which the article does not even mention.

Well, I suppose we will not know what the hit songs are now, which means we buy CDs instead of listening to the radio.

Jacquie Rives, Evans


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