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Fantasy football: The one you don't want to lose

There's nothing worse in fantasy football circles than losing to your boss.

I mean, that's the one guy you hope to beat. Yes, it's great that he's in the league. It's even better that he's a really good player. I get along well with him as well, which is a bigger plus.

But losing to your boss? Come on, man. That's like the Yankees beating the Red Sox, the Lakers winning another title and the Cowboys winning another Super Bowl all rolled up into one.

I guess that's why "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was so popular back in the 1990s for the WWE. He was the one guy the common man could cheer for just because he beat up Vince McMahon. OK, Bret Hart beat up McMahon as well, but that happened behind closed doors and apparently was real.

Now, I've never considered giving my boss a boot to the gut and a "Stone Cold Stunner," but him beating me this week certainly was painful.

It didn't happen by just a fantasy football respectful 10 or 15 points. It didn't happen by 20. Heck, it wasn't even 30 points. I got clubbed like a baby seal to the tune of 40 points.

My only saving grace this week was Reggie Wayne's two touchdown performance and the Bears' defense roaring to life. Other than that I got nada.

He even had his starting quarterback (Aaron Brooks) and one of his top receivers (Joe Horn) on the bench with bye weeks.

Instead he starts the fearful lineup of Josh McKown, Eddie Drummond, Dante Hall and Koren Robinson. McKown even outscored Brett Favre this week, thanks to a last-minute TD.

But he didn't even need them to outscore me. He had Priest Holmes, the Jets' defense, Antonio Gates and Steve Christie give him 65 points, which would've still beat me by 15.

Throw in the fact that I was undefeated to that point and, well you get the point. There is a bright side to all this. At least the other undefeated team in my league lost and thanks to total points I'm still sitting in first.

A rematch would be nice, though. Maybe in the playoffs?


RB Duce Staley, Pittsburgh: He'd love to get revenge on the team that released him. Even better, he'd love to be the reason the Eagles' unbeaten streak ends this year.

WR Brandon Stokley, Indianapolis: Expect the Vikings to clamp down on Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison.


QB Drew Bledsoe, Buffalo: Don't expect the numbers from last week against a tough Jets defense.

QB Craig Krenzel, Chicago: He's 1-0 as a starter. Welcome to .500 this week.

RB Eddie George, Dallas: The Bengals' run defense is bad and Bill Parcells is starting to get him the ball more.


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