Originally created 11/04/04

Blow the whistle on bad grammar

I was sitting in my doctor's office in Aiken several days ago, and while waiting to be called picked up a quarterly publication from Aiken Regional Medical Centers that published a tribute to a local physician.

The tribute noted that the doctor gave up an off-day to provide care for a hospital employee who had developed a sudden medical emergency. The physician was the beneficiary of a "service excellence" award given by the hospital.

A sentence in the citation certainly caught my eye. It went like this (emphasis mine): "Dr. ..... certainly is a wonderful man, and truly exemplifies, our Care-Team approach hear at Aiken Regional."

I would like to give the writer of this prose my own award, complete with a bit of football terminology. The first is a 15-yard penalty for sprinkling commas without rhyme or reason. The second also is a 15-yard penalty for failing to distinguish which homophone fits the occasion.

After re-reading the sentence, I can only conclude that we should spend another $100 million on an education system in such disrepair that it may be beyond repair.

Carl Langley, Aiken, S.C.


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