Originally created 10/31/04

NFL power rankins Week 8

Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.


1. New England Patriots1

Another week, another test. This time from Pittsburgh

2. Philadelphia Eagles2

David Akers just might be the best kicker in the league

3. Minnesota Vikings5

The defense shows up finally and they win without Randy Moss

4. Indianapolis Colts3

I'd be as upset as Reggie Wayne over losing in the last seconds too

5. New York Jets4

Give Herman Edwards credit for putting it all on the line last week

6. Pittsburgh Steelers8

They had a week off to prepare for the Patriots

7. Jacksonville Jaguars12

Another last second victory has them tied for first in the AFC South

8. Denver Broncos6

Champ Bailey should hand over the title to Chad Johnson

9. Atlanta Falcons7

Do they miss Rod Coleman that much?

10. Baltimore Ravens13

Prime Time better have some magic left this week against Philadelphia

11. Detroit Lions16

Last week's showing might be a sign of the future in the Motor City

12. New York Giants9

Kurt Warner looked like last year's model

13. San Diego Chargers17

No, I can't believe they're over .500 either

14. Houston Texans14

They come out of the bye week to get a hot Jaguars squad. Lucky them

15. Green Bay Packers20

They finally won at home and looked really good doing so

16. Seattle Seahawks10

Arizona is tougher than people give them credit for

17. St. Louis Rams11

That was inexcusable last week

18. Kansas City Chiefs22

At least they know they have Priest Holmes insurance

19. Cincinnati Bengals23

Sent: One Fed Ex package of Pepto Bismol to Champ Bailey

20. Dallas Cowboys15

If this trend continues they'll have two top 10 draft picks next year

21. New Orleans Saints24

It wasn't pretty, but it never is with this team

22. Arizona Cardinals30

Emmitt Smith owns Seattle, and his resurgence continues

23. Cleveland Browns19

That was an inspired effort against Philadelphia from Jeff Garcia

24. Carolina Panthers21

Not even Stephen Davis returning can save this team

25. Tennessee Titans18

It's clear that Steve McNair is the backbone of this team

26. Washington Redskins16

The trend is if the Redskins lose their last home game before an election, the incumbent loses. Take your pick who to root for

27. Oakland Raiders25

They did a good job for a half in shutting down the Saints

28. San Francisco 49ers28

Tim Rattay has shown he can put some points on the board

29. Chicago Bears27

If only they could bring back Jim McMahon

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers31

Brian Griese has led them to two wins in three games

31. Buffalo Bills29

They should change the stat name of sack to a Bledsoe

32. Miami Dolphins32

They're still really, really bad


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