Originally created 10/31/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

A WARNING TO THE CSRA. If you vote for Bush and your sons end up drafted and sent to Iraq, you will have no one to blame but yourself. If we have to beg Britain for 800 troops, you know Bush will call up the draft as soon as you all re-elect him!

JIMMY CARTER ONCE SAID if "I tell a lie, don't vote for me." In 1980, people took him for his word when they turned the ignoramus out of office, because he lied to us. John Kerry needs to take a note from the same book and the American people need to listen, because Kerry has lied to us over and over and over. If the American people are smart, they won't listen to what Kerry's got to say anymore.

IT'S NICE TO KNOW we have a graceful, dignified, classy lady such as Laura Bush as our first lady. Can't see replacing her with loose-tongued, indignant, no-class Teresa Heinz Kerry.

TO THE UNEDUCATED IDIOT who said Democrats are not educated. This is not true. It's beginning to sound like the Republicans are behaving like the Nazis did in the 1940s in Germany. The Nazis did not want people to have an opinion or express it. This is the way the Republican Party members are beginning to act. My goodness, everybody has an opinion. We, as Democrats, allow people their opinion. Plus it is not up to us to allow or disallow. It is a free country we live in. Get busy. We have got to vote those Republicans out.

THIS IS A RANT against Dick Cheney and all the other Republicans who are distorting facts to fool voters. They claim that Sen. Kerry said that terrorists are only a nuisance, when in fact, he said that after he's elected we'll all work to get to that point.

I COULD NOT HELP but notice how John Kerry used "God" several times in his third debate but our president has been bashed for using his walk with God in his forums. Didn't hear any bashing on Kerry's use. Sorry.

COME ELECTION DAY, you won't have to worry about "I am this-or-this person and I approve this message." It'll all be over. You get tired of it. When they get elected, they won't even think of us poor people.


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