Originally created 10/31/04

Say no to same-sex marriages

Regarding the marriage amendment being voted on Nov. 2: Same-sex marriages? What an absolute mess this country is in!

You see it on TV, at Wal-Mart, and now they are even crowding up the chapel to get married.

I thought about using Bible verses in this letter, but I did not think they would be printed. Besides, most people know of God. Even sodomites go to church. To be a sodomite is almost accepted by most of the country. Yes, the bill has been passed in other parts of the country, and the sodomites have flocked to those states to get married. But it still doesn't make it right.

I will vote from now until eternity that sodomy is wicked, gross and unnatural. Their minds are twisted, and they will invade our governments, schools and homes. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah over this sin. ... God hates it and will never accept sodomy.

Can you imagine your baby boy bringing home a man and saying, "Mom and Dad, we are going to get married"? Or what about your little girl? How long before sodomites start lying with cows, pigs or dogs? Why don't we make that legal? It's the same thing - they can't reproduce.

Let's vote against same-sex marriages in Georgia and try to get the blessings of God on our state. Vote yes to the traditional marriage amendment on Nov. 2.

Jason Epley, Harlem

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