Originally created 10/31/04

Vote for our future: Vote Bush

Sept. 11, 2001, was nearly overwhelming for most Americans, going from unbelief and shock to painful reality, slowly processing what it all meant. Memories of Pearl Harbor came vividly back: an unannounced enemy coming to strike America a death blow.

Dec. 7, 1941, assured Ameri-cans that others were at war with us. That day, President Franklin Roosevelt declared war with Japan, Germany and the Axis powers - a war we neither wanted nor asked for, but was thrust upon us by those destructive powers. That war raged across the globe with countless millions of casualties, threatening world destruction.

Had this all happened in 2001, Roosevelt might have been defeated in the 2004 election. Some might have thought replacing Roosevelt would get our troops home and out of an unwanted war.

Our world was more realistic then. Roosevelt was re-elected for a third time to complete the war effort. It was likely America's finest hour. God surely poured mercy and grace upon America, giving us resounding victory. ...

We must not be taken in by slick rhetoric, empty promises and untruths. Strong character is essential, and our leader must be submitted to God, for we must have God's help to win!

As an evangelical Catholic, I'm appalled that John Kerry would claim to be Christian. His disdain for the unborn and for God's ways tell his real story. It's clear he and his wife would lead America into monumental disaster - beyond anything we've known.

Americans must wake up, stand up and vote Tuesday.

It's our very future!

Gary Garner, Augusta


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