Originally created 10/31/04

We will still pay for health care

President George W. Bush claims that John Kerry will have to tax the middle class to pay for his health care plan. Also, it will lead to big government. We can't have big government, now can we?

The president proposes health savings accounts for people to save money for health care expenses. That is a simple-minded plan from a simple-minded person. In reality, this plan is a Band-Aid for a wound the size of the Grand Canyon. How many more Band-Aids are we going to put on it, Mr. President?

Listen up, my fellow citizens. We are paying for health care in one way or another. The insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies raise their rates yearly. We pay for it. It is just like an annual tax increase.

Pretty soon, you will have more coming out of your check to pay for health care than you do in taxes combined. Just wait until your employer cancels your health care plan because the cost can't be paid for. Start saving now for your health care savings account.

I hope nothing catastrophic happens to you or your family. But you won't be alone. I promise to be there for you, along with my fellow Americans. Together, we will pay your health care bills in one way or another. Taxes or increased health care rates, we'll pay for it. And will we ever.

Darren J. Stephens, Augusta


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