Originally created 10/31/04

If you want security, vote for Bush

The dictionary defines treason as a violation of allegiance to a sovereign or country or of giving aid or comfort to the enemy. John Kerry certainly gave comfort to North Vietnam when he testified before Congress and in Paris.

It gave them comfort in knowing that, if they held out just a bit longer, America wouldn't stand for the atrocities he described, which now turn out to be false. These were stories he heard. Is it any wonder that most of the veterans from the Vietnam War oppose Kerry? It is any wonder that close to 75 percent of our military support President Bush?

Some of that might be because most of the military remember the Democrats trying to get the absentee ballots of Florida disqualified in 2000. More than half of those were military - soldiers stationed in foreign lands keeping us safe here at home. That says a lot about today's Democratic Party.

Face it. Kerry has been on the wrong side of security every time it's come up - against this country's security when he voted against President Reagan's initiatives that brought down the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union; when he voted against the first Iraq war; again when funding was needed for armor plating and equipment; and voting against all the weapons systems used in both wars.

He's also against individual security for all of us. He's against the rights of the individual to be secure, anywhere! He is for the right of the government to be armed, but not the American people. His goal is for Americans to be unarmed, no matter what state you live in...

My and my family's votes are for our security. God bless this president and this country. Vote for George W. Bush.

Dale E. Owens, Evans


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