Originally created 10/31/04

Vote for the right man: John Kerry

There are many profound reasons to vote for John Kerry. He is a true military hero who would never send our brave servicemen and women into an unjustified war. He doesn't give lip service to compassion; he puts his compassion into action by helping people in need. He has a quiet, abiding faith in Jesus Christ while respecting everyone's constitutional right of freedom of worship.

He knows the importance of keeping American jobs in America and raising the minimum wage to a livable wage. He will provide the leadership needed to guarantee affordable health care for all Americans, especially for seniors and our children. One of his top priorities is to protect Social Security and Medicare from the onslaught of Republican ideologues.

For those of you who plan to vote for George W. Bush, I want you to reconsider that decision before you make a grave mistake. If Bush wins, are you willing to send your loved ones to die in Iraq, Iran, and North Korea?

Are you willing to see Social Security privatized by investing your lifetime savings in the stock market? Do you want your Medicare premiums to rise 10 times faster than the cost of living? Are you willing to see the entire textile industry exported to China and Mexico?

Do you want America to continue to be despised by most of the world community? Do you want Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson selecting the next Supreme Court justice?

Finally, do you want to look at the hypocrisy of the Bush smirk and the Dick Cheney snarl for four more years? If your answer to any of these questions is no, then the only sensible thing to do Nov. 2 is to cast your vote for the next president of the United States, John F. Kerry.

Paul L. Cook, Augusta


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