Originally created 10/31/04

Incumbents must leave our BOE

Here are just a few reasons to worry about our present Richmond County Board of Education members seeking re-election:

The vacation time, $94,000 fiasco and compensation package given to Superintendent Charles Larke; board members not insisting that accurate minutes of board meetings be kept - the state Department of Education has to remind them; Larke being allowed to issue a gag order to principals and teachers to be quiet about things that are happening in the school system; and the unnecessary changes in cheerleading uniforms, and inconsistency in dress-code enforcement in general.

Also, the unnecessary lawsuits, which are lost by the school system and cost the taxpayers money; the board policy that determines the way SAT scores are counted, basically cherry-picking students to take it; the high-school graduation sites fiasco, with everyone sweating profusely in stadiums poorly accessible to older family members; the school violence that was allowed to escalate out of control and requiring assistance of Richmond County police officers, which cost taxpayers $70,000 and counting to pay them.

How can Marion Barnes, Y.N. Myers, Jeff Padgett and Andrew Jefferson expect to be re-elected with the inefficiency and frivolous waste of taxpayers' money?

Carolyn Roberts, Augusta


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