Originally created 10/31/04

Hall for state Senate

State Sen. Randy Hall is many things. A loving husband and father. An Augusta native and product of Richmond County schools and Augusta State University. A highly successful commercial real estate and development attorney. A community activist and youth coach. An award-winning champion of children and families.

But even now, in the prime of his professional and political career, we can tell you how Randy Hall will most be remembered by future generations:

As a profile in courage.

Two years ago, Hall took on Goliath himself - the ethically challenged, and now federally indicted, state Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker - and won a stunning victory.

That alone was a profile in courage. At a time when most people in this community would not take on the powerful Walker - increasingly a political and public relations liability for Augusta - Randy Hall sacrificed his professional and personal life to help his community.

Now, seeking re-election in a newly redrawn state Senate District 23, Randy Hall is showing as much courage as before - by standing strong against a last-minute barrage of sleazy, slanderous attack ads against him, and by promising to stand firm against the seating of the indicted Walker in the state Senate, should the man win election in District 22.

In today's cannibalistic political jungle, it takes courage merely to file for office. Randy Hall has done so much more than that. He's taken on the Augusta area's most intimidating, divisive political bullies. He's fighting our battles for us. And he's winning.

What a difference it is making. His respect and ascension in the ranks at the state Senate is bringing the area the kind of clout that is real and lasts, not the kind brought by a heavy hand and an oppressive thumb.

Consider: Hall was instrumental this summer in convincing Gov. Sonny Perdue to release desperately needed funds for Augusta's Fort Discovery. He was recently named chairman of the vital Senate Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, and is a member of the all-important Appropriations Committee. He eased the way for the Golf Hall of Fame to expand its facilities and the Augusta Canal to cut some red tape in Atlanta. His fingerprints also are all over a long-overdue bill making child endangerment a felony, and on legislation benefiting the Medical College of Georgia as well as area highways.

He will accomplish much more. Bank on it. But his biggest achievement will always be the courage he has shown on our behalf.

Please reward it with your vote for Randy Hall for state Senate on Tuesday.


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