Originally created 10/31/04

Amendments: Say 'Yes'

Amending a constitution should never be done lightly. But the two proposed amendments to the Georgia Constitution on your ballot Tuesday are as easy as they come.

Just say "Yes."

The first amendment is the one you've heard all about - the one defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Gay activists have tried to alarm the public by claiming that 1) it's unlawful because it also includes prohibitions against civil unions, which they say is a separate issue, and 2) it's unnecessary because state law already bans gay marriage.

How incredibly disingenuous. For one thing, it is one, simple issue, not two or three. For another thing, those same people saying it's unnecessary due to an existing law are the same people who would have the law struck down as unconstitutional if they could! That's precisely why the amendment is necessary - to keep it out of reach of activist judges.

The second amendment on the ballot is a bit esoteric - but essentially just gives the Georgia Supreme Court the explicit authority to answer questions about state law for other state and federal appellate courts. It's useful.

Just say "Yes."

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