Originally created 10/30/04

Rants and raves

We use Saturday's Rants & Raves to address comments and questions about The Augusta Chronicle.

THIS IS A RANT to The Augusta Chronicle for putting stickers on the front page of the Sunday paper that say "Vote Republican Tuesday Nov. 2nd," listing all of the local Republican candidates. As if it isn't obvious enough what side of the fence your "unbiased" paper is on. However, it will come in handy when I go to vote, I can bring it in and know which candidates not to vote for.

Chronicle President Julian Miller responds: "The "Front Page Bill Board" notes attached to the front pages of some papers were plainly marked as paid advertisements. Members of both parties took advantage of them. We see no difference between them and the political ads inside our newspaper. We must honor commitments to run additional ads that have been contracted for certain areas the next three days.

"However, since we have received comments from a number of readers we will decline any further front-page advertising concerning political or highly controversial issues in the future. This will include the stick-on 'Bill Boards,' the advertising strip on Page 1A and pre-printed bags used for delivery."

AS I WAS PERUSING my paper Saturday morning (Sept. 18), I noticed Josey's football is not in the paper. I had to consult with a fellow Josey graduate about this issue. I like to collect newspaper clippings from Josey. And all the other local high schools' victories were in the newspaper, and I feel this deserves your immediate attention.

Sports Editor John Boyette replies: "We have covered six of Josey's games this season, but we did not have a reporter at their Sept. 17 game against Morgan County, which Josey won 13-10. There were 18 local schools playing at home that night, and we had reporters at nine games. We don't have enough personnel to cover every game in our area, so we rotate reporters each week. Because we can't get to every game, we strongly encourage coaches to call our sports department at (706) 823-3304 with scores and statistics. We had the Josey score in the Sunday, Sept. 19 newspaper and followed up with an article about the team's victory later in the week."

WILL YOU PLEASE RUN the Rants & Raves like you have for the last two years or nearly three years? I have been saving them nearly three years with the long lines down the corner of the Metro section. This December I will have been saving them three years.

Night City Editor Amy Allyn Swann replies: "The format of Page 2 of the Metro section has changed slightly. There are more advertisements now, and that reduces the space available for rants in the left-hand column. We know Rants & Raves are popular with our readers, so we've shifted their placement on that page to whatever spot allows us to print as many as possible. When space allows, we occasionally print Rants & Raves on additional pages of our Metro section, so if you're a fan, be sure to look beyond Page 2B each day.


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