Originally created 10/30/04

Online Only: Why terrorists hate Bush

Thanks to President George W. Bush, there has not been another terrorist attack on our country due to his quick action ... . He was told, as was Congress, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I believe this to be true, as four trucks were reported going from Iraq to Syria before we arrived.

The terrorists underestimated President Bush, thinking that he would be like President Clinton who did nothing when they bombed the World Trade Towers the first time, hit the USS Cole, and killed our soldiers in Somalia, dragging their bodies through the streets.

As for weapons of mass destruction, one evil man has been caught, Saddam Hussein, and two killed, his two sons. Just as Clinton was not fit to be commander in chief, neither would Kerry be. Both of them hate the military.

Kerry was not only a traitor to his country, demonstrating against the Vietnam war with communist Jane Fonda and others. He also voted against pay raises for our soldiers and weapons systems that have kept our country free.

Kerry is in favor of all the terrible things Democrats stand for. Unlike Kerry, President Bush loves this country and the principles on which it was founded. Georgia U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, even though he's a Democrat, refuses to vote Democratic since he is also a Christian. That's why our president is hated. It's because he's a Christian.

Hilda B. Jones, North Augusta, S.C.


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