Originally created 10/30/04

SPLOST simply isn't way to go

Before you cast your vote, think to yourself what you would like to see happen in Richmond County over the next 10 years. After all, isn't 10 years enough time to accomplish great things? Then read the SPLOST V referendum on the ballot and decide if it fits your needs in an efficient, concise plan.

Please reject the SPLOST V referendum. I plan to, for two reasons. The first reason is that SPLOST, as it exists on the ballot, locks us, as Richmond County citizens, into a 15-year payment plan. That is too long. The second reason is that SPLOST contains too many projects that only some citizens want.

I have to believe that if we reject the proposed SPLOST V referendum, the commission will have more time to review Richmond County's real needs, not just the needs of certain districts, and present us with a better plan to move us forward in Richmond County.

Mary Davis, Augusta

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