Originally created 10/30/04

Oil-for-food flap was an outrage

I find it amazing that only one major news source is covering what is probably the biggest news story that has ever occurred. That story is the rip-off of the Iraq oil-for-food money scandal at the United Nations.

Early indications are that the bribery, payoffs and general corruption went high up into the United Nations and, most probably to the top. Involved with that action were our great allies - France, Germany, Russia and China. Isn't it interesting that they are the ones who opposed any action against Saddam Hussein?

The implications are far-reaching. Had the other members of the Security Council sided with the U.S. position, there probably would not have been the need for any forced action against Iraq. Saddam would have capitulated, and the real inspections could have transpired.

What is even more disconcerting is that a candidate for president, John Kerry, not only wants to rely on the United Nations for support but also has some nave idea that those who were complicit in the fraud against the Iraqi people will join him in supporting the peace effort. Those are the same people who have stated openly that they will not change their policy regarding support for the peace efforts in Iraq.

The United Nations has been a dismal failure in every event it has participated in. They have proved themselves to be totally untrustworthy and inept. The allies were, in all probability, bought and paid for by Saddam, and are not about to admit their complicity.

From some of the letters to the editor that have been printed lately, I get the impression that pro-Kerry people either do not know about the oil-for-food scandal, or they don't understand why it is important.

Bob Cipperly, Evans


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