Originally created 10/30/04

Do your civic duty and vote Tuesday

The election season has produced much passion as pundits on both sides have made arguments that their candidate is the best. Political discourse of this nature is good for the country, and helps to keep our political parties in check.

This election is important to our country, and will have far-reaching effects on our future. Every American who is eligible to vote needs to vote, especially the youth of our nation who can cast their first vote. It is mainly to them that I address this letter.

This election will affect young people and how you live your lives. Do not think events in Washington are far removed, and will be diluted as they trickle down to your level. They must become knowledgeable of the issues and what each side stands for. More importantly, they must have a method to sift through the spin and determine the truth - for it is the truth, not the spin, that matters. Internalize this truth, to be a conscientious citizen and vote what you feel is right.

Realize also that the election is more than just selecting a president. Every contest from the Senate to local district races will shape legislative agendas that will affect you. Know for whom you vote. Help to choose your country's, your state's and your community's leaders. Vote, but be an informed voter with the knowledge of the impact your vote will have.

Our organization, the Military Order of the World Wars, has faith in you. We believe in you and your ability to help shape the future for the best for you and our country. Exercise your rights as a citizen - vote.

Ronald Freeman, Aiken, S.C.

(Editor's note: The writer is commander of the Augusta chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars.)


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