Originally created 10/07/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

ONCE AGAIN A MAJOR tour comes through the South - that is Usher - not to mention scores of other major acts. They go to Atlanta, Charlotte, Greenville, but not Augusta. Before we start building a huge new arena we might want to consider two things. Build it downtown because downtown needs the infrastructure and attention, and we may want to promote ourselves more and buy more tickets. It's not about the size of the town, it's how many tickets we sell and how fast we sell them.

ANYONE WHO THOUGHT Bush won that debate ... must have been smoking something strange. Sen. Kerry was presidential and will be our next president, providing a much-needed positive change.

THIS IS TO THE PERSON who said he or she gets a chuckle reading the Rants & Raves. Even though they have no intellectual merit, he or she finds them inviting. My question is does your superior intelligence, or lack thereof, permit you to realize you are joining them, these inferior people?

NOT 48 HOURS after Merck pulled Vioxx off the shelves, I see an ad in the paper from Benjamin Eicholz offering to sue the company. This is why the drug companies take drugs off the market without proper research. I know many people who got great pain relief from Vioxx. Now they will have to suffer because of people like Benjamin Eicholz.

I JUST LOVE Sylvia Cooper.

I HAVE A RANT about the motorcycle riders and car drivers who race down Johnson Road in Belvedere. This is a subdivision. They could hurt themselves or someone else. Could someone please tell them this since they're not smart enough to read the newspaper?

SHAME ON BEASLEY Broadcasting. We need another country western station in Augusta, Ga., as much as we need to re-elect every Richmond County commissioner. Where are our golden oldies?

I AM CALLING ABOUT Y105. I am not in the demographic. I listen to the station every day. Why in the world does Augusta need four country music stations and no Top 40 station? That's crazy in a city this size. Bring back our Top 40.

THIS IS A RANT for the idiots who are determined to ride their bikes on the road when five feet away there is a perfectly good bike path. Now this bike path, which those idiots may not know, was built by the county for the idiots' welfare and enjoyment using the idiots' tax money, not for the county's pure joy of aesthetics, which some people might think is the reason why the bike path was built. So, I encourage these idiot bike riders to use this bike path because that's what it is there for, and it is a lot safer for you and people driving in cars.


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