Originally created 10/07/04

Trash service lacks customer service

I have an issue with the garbage service, and here's why.

On Aug. 24, I followed instructions for preparing waste for pickup, and placed four bags of leaves on the curb for pickup by Waste Management of Augusta. After several phone calls, the waste was finally picked up nine days later.

At that time, the contents of the bags were dumped into the garbage truck, and the bags were dropped back on the lawn at the curb. The driver stated that the bags had to be placed in my garbage. This was a garbage truck that evidently had nowhere to put the bags. The driver stated that this is Waste Management's policy. Also, they are not allowed to dump at the landfill if they have plastic bags in their trash.

Frustrated, I explained that bags of yard waste at homes in the Bransford Road area are being picked up by Coleman Garbage Service. Then the driver said that this is why he has that company to pick up his personal trash, and not the one for which he's employed.

A concerned citizen who witnessed the conversation stated that residents do not have this problem in the Belair Road area. Waste Management picks up in that area as well.

In another incident, I was denied yard pickup because there were cigarette butts in the yard waste. The bag was "red-tagged," stating that cigarette butts are garbage and need to be placed with regular garbage. This caused an unnecessary return trip for the garbage service.

In conclusion, why should there be a rate increase for garbage service when there is a customer service issue? A policy review with a focus on customer service and customer service training would be more appropriate.

J. C. Turner


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