Originally created 10/06/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

SIX LETTERS TO the editor in one day, Sept. 28, bad-mouthing Sen. Kerry indicates to me that the Bush people don't have anything good to say about their candidate. They certainly can't say that he served in our military or that he listens to his own Central Intelligence Agency. How many more American lives must be lost before we all wake up, or are we just plain stupid?

THIS IS A RANT for all of the local media outlets. When are you going to stop referring to Fort Gordon as a base, ie: this or that happened on the base. The U.S. Army does not have bases - only the U.S. Air Force. Please get this corrected.

THIS IS A RANT to the CSRA, which has a historically black college in the area and (the people) don't support it to save their lives. But they want to brag about all the historical landmarks in Augusta. Support Paine College or don't mention them at all. You dismiss them as if they are not a part of the community unlike ASU.

RAVES TO Columbia County for passing the smoking ban. Even though I live in Richmond County, I'll be bringing all my business there whenever I take my family out to eat. It's the Richmond County businesses who are likely to lose money in my opinion.

I WANT TO OFFER A RAVE for our paper deliveryman - Larry Carter. He retired at the end of September after faithfully getting up at 2 a.m. for over 29 years to deliver our paper. He is an example of steadfastness and dependability. On behalf of his entire route, I want to say "Thank you for a job well done."

A RANT AGAINST Kerry, the candidate who sides with the corrupt oil-for-food embezzlers of France, Russia and the U.N. Is Kerry the U.N.'s Manchurian candidate? He is totally "UN": untruthful, untrustworthy, uncommitted, undependable, unaccomplished, unbelievable, unconscionable, underhanded, unwise, uneven, unprepared, unreasoning, unsound, unstable, unsuitable, and, most of all, UN-American in 1971 and 2004, and unelectable.


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