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Style Briefs

Kiehl's goes to Washington

NEW YORK - The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is again opening its doors - and display cases - to Kiehl's Since 1851.

The Washington museum first welcomed into its collection Kiehl's skin-care products and formulas 25 years ago and three more are being added: Cryste Marine Cream, Abyssine Cream and Original Musk Eau de Toilette. The eau de toilette is an updated version of the original musk essence that already has a place at the Smithsonian for its fragrance and pharmacology heritage.

The Cryste Marine Cream is a firming cream based on a botanical that grows on rock formations in the Mediterranean Sea and Abyssine Cream is an anti-aging formula uses "survival molecules' found in hydrothermal vents in the deepest recesses of the ocean.

"Kiehl's is extremely pleased to have been included in the nation's most prestigious museum archives 25 years ago and we are pleased that our newest formulations are worthy of this national honor," says Philip Clough, Kiehl's president.

Kiehl's was founded as an apothecary in New York more than 150 years ago but now focuses on its beauty business.


Saddle style

NEW YORK - In fashion, everything old is new again. Young trendsetters are wearing grandma's brooches and crocheted capes, and now, Dr. Scholl's has resurrected the saddle shoe.

"Bringing back shoes from an era ago is important to us," says Diane Straub, senior designer for Original Dr. Scholl's for Brown Shoe Co.

The time seemed right for the saddle shoe, she adds, because they fit right in with the current fashion of pleated skirts, shrunken cardigan sweaters and scarves.

Yet, Straub expects the saddle shoe to remain on the line for years to come. "We see it as a staple, mostly because it's comfortable like a sneaker," she says.

There are some modern touches on the new version of the shoe, including offering it in combinations of white and black, pink, light blue and khaki, and adding a more flexible outsole, made of a non-slip polyurethane unit bottom.

Other retro shoes that will be getting a Dr. Scholl's makeover include the ankle-tied desert boot in suede and nubuck shoes with red outsoles.


Godiva's divas

NEW YORK - Chocolate and fashion have more in common than you might think, according to Gene Dunkin, president of Godiva North America, who has put models such as Sophie Dahl, Frankie Rayder and Anouck Lepere in the chocolatier's most recent ad campaign.

"We do have a fashion component, we're plugged into the color council that decides direction of fashion, and we are an indulgent food - almost a passionate experience. And, not unlike most fashion brands, we need to refresh our image every few years to remain relevant and current," says Dunkin.

Noting that even the ribbons used for Godiva gift boxes come from a French fashion source, Dunkin says, "This is not an alliance, it's a complete marriage of food and fashion."

The brand - inspired by Lady Godiva - is now playing up its name with a new tagline that includes: "Every woman is one part diva."

Certainly, divas have a close association with the fashion world.

"It was incredibly important for us to convey the right diva, not a difficult diva," adds Jacquie Lenart, the company's vice president of marketing.

"What we learned (through market research) is that we're speaking to the inner voice of a woman. 'Diva' is the deservingness that women feel, not the Linda Evangelista kind of diva... or in-your-face diva like Paris Hilton. For some people a diva moment is taking that five minutes in her day for herself; for others, it's buying that extra pair of Manolo Blahniks," Lenart says.

All the models had to have a stylish look that conveyed luxury, elegance and sophistication and "you might see them in the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair," Lenart explains.

The fact that Dahl's the granddaughter of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author Roald Dahl was "icing on the cake," she says.


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