Originally created 10/06/04

Letter writers can get too abusive

The only thing this election has proven is that the moral fiber of voters is in shambles.

They are not only juvenile in their letters to the editor, but feel that they must overstate to make their opinion heard. To overstate is a sign that an opinion is on shaky ground. To be a bully in giving their opinion, they are acting just like the schoolyard bully whom most of us find objectionable.

People have served their country, and some have died giving you the right to give of your opinion freely. It is up to you to decide if you want to be abusive, because a person's standard of behavior, when it comes to the principles of good and bad, will always put their moral personae on display for all to see.

Remember, overstating or shouting does not make the opinion right; it is your opinion, not someone else's. Take ownership and be responsible so that it will be respected by others who may not agree with it.

R.D. McDonald

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