Originally created 10/04/04

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A BIG RAVE HURRAY to the Augusta National Golf Club. Ours is twofold. First and foremost, we got tickets to the Masters practice rounds. We get to see the Masters course at long last. But our second rave (and real important): They, in their instructions, allow no cell phones. At last, we have a chance to see a sporting event without everyone on their cell phones. I think that's very important.

IT'S MY OPINION that the majority of the Republicans want CBS to retire Dan Rather because of his misinformation about President Bush. By the same reasoning, then, the president should be retired in November for his misinformation that he used to invade Iraq. Iraq was a very serious consequence for our country.

THIS IS A RANT to Columbia, McDuffie and Richmond County animal shelters and the humane society. In Texas, you can get an animal spayed or neutered for $25. They also have free clinic days. Around certain times of the month, you can take an animal in and have it spayed or neutered for free. Here, to get a small cat neutered, it's $80. Now please tell me why we can't implement a program such as they have in Texas. There would be a lot fewer animals to be euthanized if this were done.

MINE IS A RANT about the drugs. It is such a comfort to know the FDA is protecting us from importing our own tax-subsidized drugs from Canada, all the while keeping unsafe drugs on our market. So far, nine drugs have had to be taken off the market, the latest being Vioxx. It is time Americans realized all agencies under this administration reflect the values and principles of the president.

THE PRESIDENT WAS bragging about going to Yale. Not all people can go to Yale like him and Kerry. They don't understand the plight of the poor people because they've never been there. They don't know what it is to not have food on the table. They're always concerned about the rich, even Kerry.

A RANT TO THE IDIOT who wrote about infants in a theater. Maybe you don't have kids. Maybe you need to stay home. Have you thought maybe some people don't have baby sitters? You're a person with a cold heart.

A RANT TO THE SAT fiasco. The SAT is for individuals who are in school to learn for self-improvement; to try to beat the system to get better school scores by having "prep" courses and choosing those taking the test is cheating. "Prep" should not be allowed; students should learn in class and do homework.

Anyone who thinks that "Iraqi freedom" is worth the loss of one single American life is no patriot.

THE AUGUSTA GOLF HALL of Fame and Botanical Gardens is the best-kept secret in Augusta. It took me several years to venture past the high brick wall to see what was inside and it was a wonderful surprise. I believe that many people in Augusta are like me and haven't taken the time to look into this treasure. There is a beautiful lake, a large waterfall, and many unusual and beautiful plants. This is a peaceful and beautiful place.

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