Originally created 10/03/04

NFL power rankings for Week 4

Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.

1. New England Patriots1

Well rested and ready to face old pal Drew Bledsoe

2. Philadelphia Eagles2

If Donovan McNabb keeps Terrell Owens pacified everything will be OK

3. Indianapolis Colts3

That was vintage Peyton Manning last week

4. Seattle Seahawks4

Shaun Alexander looks healthy again and their defense is even better

5. Baltimore Ravens5

Jamal Lewis finally got going last week

6. Atlanta Falcons7

That was a pitiful showing against Arizona but they're still 3-0

7. Minnesota Vikings6

They get a bye week and Michael Bennett back

8. Jacksonville Jaguars9

Maybe they are for real. We'll find out for certain this week

9. New York Jets8

They could really rub it in by putting a whipping on old foe Miami

10. Denver Broncos13

Okay, so Quentin Griffin isn't the runner they thought he'd be but they're still winning

11. Green Bay Packers11

Not as bad as their record indicates

10. Carolina Panthers15

They're rested and ready to welcome Michael Vick and the Falcons

13. New Orleans Saints20

OK, I was wrong about Aaron Stecker. Huge road win at St. Louis

14. Dallas Cowboys16

Defense has rebounded nicely since being blown out on opening day

15. Tennessee Titans10

They need to finish what they start. They've lost twice while leading in the second half

16. Pittsburgh Steelers19

It wasn't pretty but it counts. Their defense gets a tougher challenge from Chad Johnson this week

17. St. Louis Rams14

They're still dangerous on offense but they're not scary anymore

18. Detroit Lions12

They fell hard against Philly, but Roy Williams is going to be a superstar

19. Cincinnati Bengals17

They continue to struggle on offense. Must find a way to get Chad Johnson more touches

20. Oakland Raiders22

Revenge must've been sweet for the fans and for Warren Sapp

21. Kansas City Chiefs18

The only team to start 0-4 and make the playoffs was the 1992 San Diego Chargers

22. New York Giants25

They've been surprising so far in that they're not last in the NFC East

23. Washington Redskins21

Joe Gibbs must adjust to today's game better

24. Chicago Bears23

Losing Rex Grossman was the worst thing that could've happened

25. Houston Texans29

No one thought they could beat K.C. at Arrowhead

26. Cleveland Browns24

They finally get Lee Suggs back this week and they sure do need him

27. Buffalo Bills26

Needs to find offense somewhere

28. Miami Dolphins27

It doesn't matter who starts at QB

29. San Francisco 49ers28

Seattle shut them out for the first time since a 7-0 loss to Atlanta in 1977

30. San Diego Chargers30

Put Philip Rivers in

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers31

Finally scored an offensive touchdown

32. Arizona Cardinals32

Played very well on defense but their offense is a mess


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