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Read invitations closely to avoid embarrassment

Dear Carson: Last weekend I was invited to a brunch in honor of my daughter and son-in-law. The idea was firmly in my mind that the party was at 1:30 when, in fact, it was at 12:45. Can you imagine my embarrassment when I arrived almost an hour late to find that they had been waiting for me to serve the brunch? I have never been so mortified because I am usually proper in my social deportment. What can I do to properly express my remorse? - Mortified Mother

Dear Mortified: Vow to yourself that you will check any invitation closely, getting it firmly fixed in your mind as to the basic W's of invitations; who, what, when and where. As to what you can do, apologize in person and by note. To make sure your hosts understand the depth of your remorse, cut this column out and send it to the hostesses.

Dear Carson: There has been much discussion in our office regarding name badges worn at seminars and conventions. The problem is on which side one should place the name tag; right or left. I think it goes on the right, because as we shake hands we're looking at the right side of the other person, but some say that the left side is correct. - Needs to Know in Augusta

Dear Needs: You are correct, for the reason you stated above. Many people put name tags on their left side, because they are right-handed and that seems to be easier. However, stick to your guns.

Dear Carson: Our daughter recently married and my husband and I could not believe how so many people, family members and close friends, brought their children who ranged from infants to teenagers. These children attended every function, including the wedding and reception, that was held for the engaged couple. Each of these invitations were addressed to "Mr. and Mrs." I have no idea how the video will turn out because there were several infants and toddlers making noises.

Please don't get me wrong: We adore children, but we feel that there are some events that only adults should attend. Please, please pass this on to all future wedding guests. I know it's been said a million times, but I don't know what it will take to get people to read an invitation. This is not meant to offend anyone or leave anyone out, but please hire a sitter because there is a lot of time, money and emotion put into a wedding and reception. Please don't spoil it by bringing your children when only adults are invited. Am I being too harsh? - Frustrated Parents

Dear Frustrated: You are entirely correct and not harsh. Your complaint is worth repeating. If the invitation is not addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. and Family," leave the children with a sitter.

Confidential to resident of Phinizy Road: Thanks for your kind letter, but I am a married woman with a jealous husband.

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