Originally created 10/03/04

Let majorty decide on flag

My wife enjoyed seeing Augusta Mayor Bob Young at the funeral for the crew of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley. She thought it was good to have the mayor of our home town there. As I marched along the side of the caisson, helping to carry one of my own to his grave, she and Mr. Young talked about Southern and Confederate heritage, and how he was proud to be part of both.

I guess the pride stayed in that Charleston cemetery, as he took down a little piece of our heritage. I reckon that was then, and this is now. I challenge Mr. Young to help educate those who do not truly understand what the flags of the Confederacy stand for, and not what the special interest groups make it out to be.

He and I are bound to see each other in the future, as we are both members of the same antique-car club. This letter is not meant to be personal, but rather an attempt to make him see that when decisions are made to reflect us all, the decisions are made by the majority, not the minority.

We look forward to seeing Mr. Young at the Battle of Waynesborough re-enactment Dec. 4-5.

John and Kym McDaniel, Waynesboro


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