Originally created 09/23/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I AM EXTREMELY disappointed in the city of Augusta for not using an event like Arts in the Heart to promote recycling. All those aluminum cans and plastic bottles needed somewhere else to go besides the trash bins. I moved back here last year from Portland, Ore., to find Augusta living in the dark ages when it comes to recycling. This festival was the perfect opportunity to enlighten a large group of people. I carried my water bottle home with me and recycled it.

I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED in the Richmond County Board of Education decision to hold graduation in the outside again this year. I went last year, and it was too hot. My daughter will be graduating this year and I was looking forward to my mother attending. My mother's health is not that good. She will not be able to sit out in the heat. I don't feel it is fair for the board members to have a right to decide where graduation should be held for my child or any other child. We as taxpayers should have a right to vote in this matter. Dr. Larke's son graduated at the Bell Auditorium, and so did some of the board family members. Where is the justice?

A RAVE FOR (the) story in Monday's paper about the military in Iraq teaching Iraqi kids how to play baseball. More surprising was the Associated Press byline; they seldom have any good news about our military.

DAN RATHER AND CBS should be ashamed of their actions. This shows pure partisanship, and they should be punished for their accusation against President Bush.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the situation at Glenn Hills and Butler. I am an African-American single parent. I have had four children go through Glenn Hills and graduate, and they were never involved in any kind of altercation. So I'm sorry. It's not just the school. Parents need to get more involved and not sit on our behinds and just blame the system.

CONGRATULATIONS TO our city fathers, who sold a symbol of our Southern heritage for 30 pieces of silver.

I WISH TO GIVE MY true appreciation to the helpful ladies I encountered in the restroom at Greenbrier High School stadium Sept. 17. I am handicapped in a wheelchair. I needed to use the restroom and there were three little girls in the only handicapped stall. These nice ladies saw the predicament I was in. They convinced these girls they did not need the handicapped stall and got them out. They then helped me to get my wheelchair in. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.

KUDOS TO THE COLUMBIA County commissioners that voted in favor of the county smoking ban. Your vote has saved lives and lungs. Thank you! I hope Richmond County is smart enough to join you in the very near future.

I ATTENDED THE ARTS in the Heart festival Saturday and it was one of the best yet. Monday, I found a classy new restaurant on Broad and 11th and noticed there are several other new places opening, including a sports bar. Downtown Augusta seems to be on the move. Too bad our county commission is stuck in the 1960s!


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