Originally created 09/23/04

'Heritage' becomes dirty word in CSRA

I am offended! But no one will care because I'm a white Southerner.

In this "multicultural" society, why is our culture the only one not allowed? Isn't this cultural genocide? Many cultures are allowed to celebrate and display symbols of their heritage, but if you're proud of being a Southerner you are labeled as being a racist without any forethought.

This attitude is the result of the politically correct movement, and not the teaching of the real history in our schools. It's taught that the War of Northern Aggression was to free slaves. The war was fought because the federal government had put so many taxes and tariffs on the South that we were overburdened. The previous time this occurred, a little event took place called the American Revolution. We went to war with England and won our independence. What was the difference?

The soldier's flag, often mislabeled as the "Stars and Bars" but correctly known as the Confederate Battle Flag, was taken up in the 1950s by a group of ignorant thugs who used it in their illegal activities while planting the seed that linked the flag to violence. The American flag flew over a slave nation for more than 80 years before the Confederate States of America was formed. Will this be the next target of misguided hate? You bet it will.

In Saturday's paper, Mayor Young - and in Monday's Rants and Raves section, a 46 year old white Southerner - turned their backs on their heritage with their actions and words. To paraphrase an old saying: Gentlemen, you are no Southerners.

The NAACP - the National Association of Always Complaining People - gets its bullying way again. Why is it that 12 percent of the population gets 100 percent of the control?

Walker B. McWee,


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