Originally created 09/22/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I'D LIKE TO KNOW how the CEO of University Hospital can justify building all these million-dollar buildings and adding to University and giving hundreds of thousands of dollars away to South Carolina for a school, and yet he is cutting positions in the patient care areas, which is limiting the number of nurses you have working on the units.

IT IS A CRYING SHAME when deputies can go to a schoolhouse and make more arrests than in the beer joints.

WHAT IS WITH AUGUSTA government? Raise trash fees again? Why not take a few notes from the North Augusta trash program - their program runs smoothly and efficiently and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

SEVERAL TIMES A YEAR, a truck gets stuck under the Olive Road overpass. There is a simple solution. Fifty to 100 feet before the overpass install poles on each side of the road, run a cable across and drop chains down to the 10-foot mark. This will warn the driver and give him plenty of time to stop. Please pass this on.

A RANT FOR John Kerry, a four-month war hero who threw his medals away, who testified against all of the soldiers in Vietnam, and who met with the enemy in Paris while he was still a soldier. Why would any veteran vote for this man?

THIS IS A RAVE for the Animal Boutique on Old Evans Road. When I called them and told them my sister was fleeing from Hurricane Ivan they informed me there would be no charge to board her dog - it's called an animal rescue. I love doing business with caring compassionate people.

POLICE OFFICERS being located in Richmond County schools with the intent to maintain law and order is long overdue. The concept of RCBE police officers being friends and such with the kids is not an option when you are there to maintain law and order.

THIS IS A BIG RANT to all these convenience stores that sell crack pipes and other crack paraphernalia right on the counter. These glass tubes with cloth roses inside are nothing but crack pipes. As someone who was very close to a person who has been devastated by crack cocaine, I think it's a real shame. You sometime see a glass vial and a Brillo pad right beside it. They may as well just advertise a crack smoking kit.

SINCE THE MAYOR HAS SEEN fit to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Riverwalk, I encourage all Confederate Americans to boycott Augusta. Thank you.

THIS IS TO THAT PERSON called Mayor "Boob" Young for what he did this past week in trying to satisfy a handful of people. They can go elsewhere to hold their conventions. Evidently you don't have any Confederate ancestors.

A RANT FOR all you people who voted Bush in office. You know you have to share the blame for all who have been killed or wounded in this war.

I THINK THE ASSOCIATED Press is trying to pick up where Dan Rather left off with the fallen heroes.


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