Originally created 09/22/04

Swift vets are telling the truth

I'm interested in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They are combat veterans who served in Vietnam, many on patrols with John Kerry. Many are decorated for valor in combat and rose very high in the military ranks, including an admiral and several captains.

The Swift boat veterans came under attack by the Democratic National Committee, various talk-show hosts and leftist commentators for being organized and funded by the George W. Bush campaign. The Swift boaters are a "527" group under campaign finance reform and cannot, by law, be coordinated by the Bush campaign. The president has no more control over them than the DNC has over Michael Moore.

I checked out one story in which the Swift boat veterans say Kerry lied. In that story, Kerry describes his "Christmas in Cambodia" during the Vietnam war. I found four renditions of Sen. Kerry's accounts of his Cambodia incursions. ...

The Kerry campaign now says he made one covert trip into Cambodia, during which he was targeted, and perhaps he accidentally wandered over the border into Cambodia. They corrected that the event happened in January 1969, not Christmas 1968. This version simply doesn't correlate with Kerry's speeches, writings and interviews.

I conclude that Kerry and his campaign staff are lying about these incidents. Basically, the Swift boat veterans are telling the truth. Why should we question their credibility?

Unless Kerry doubts his own credibility, why would this presidential candidate, despite his bravery in battle and medals to prove it, embellish his record with more tales of bravado?

David G. Brown,


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