Originally created 09/21/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT about the North Augusta health department. I don't know about Augusta or Aiken, but it seems like every time I call, I can count on the phone being busy. I don't know if they have one phone line or not. But if they don't, they need to have multiple phone lines. That's what we're paying taxes for.

IN ANSWER TO the person who wrote that Kerry supporters' whining would bear no fruit and Georgia would support "W" no matter what in the next election: I agree 100 percent. In Georgia, I'm ashamed to say, if Billy Graham were running on the Democratic ticket and Adolf Hitler on the Republican, Hitler would win by a landslide. A closed mind never changes ... or is the Republican term flip-flop?

THIS IS A RANT for all schools in Richmond County, Columbia County and all across the country. What you see in the schools today is a result of God getting kicked out. When God left, that made room for you-know-who.

THIS IS A RANT for Bobby Hankerson. I think he should be thanking the Lord his wife is alive and doing well instead of complaining the ambulance didn't get there. Thank God he made it there with her. After all, he's supposed to represent God. He's supposed to be a minister. He's really blowing things out of proportion.

ON THURSDAY, the editorial writer was on track with the opinion about the man who killed unadopted puppies. This was an opportune time, however, to emphasize spaying and neutering. The idiot should not have allowed his dog to have an unwanted litter of puppies. Taking the unwanted litter to an already overcrowded shelter is not the answer. Spaying and neutering are the answer.

VOTERS, FOR GOODNESS sake, become more informed. Kerry has given us plans for what he will do if elected president. Just what has Bush told us? He has told us nothing. Is it going to be four more years of deception? We are losing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, regardless of what we're told. Just ask someone who's been there. They are not secure, but we are not told this. This president has gotten us into war, debt and the recruitment of many terrorists. We cannot afford four more years. Be informed.


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