Originally created 09/21/04

Letter shows liberals' irrationality of thought

Mark Gelbart's letter ("Bush-haters have honorable agenda," Sept. 7) only serves to point out again that liberals do not know how to use a rational thought process when it comes to determining their philosophy.

To their way of thinking, protecting life in the womb is considered "radical."

They think that giving more Americans control over their retirement savings while keeping the promise of Social Security is a bad thing, because then the government won't retain power over our lives.

They think that, unless we have some form of Hillary-care in which our health care system is federalized, we are not caring for our citizens.

Liberals never have enough laws to oversee our environment, though our environment is cleaner than it has been in decades.

They think giving tax breaks to small businesses and the middle class is short-sighted.

What exactly is wrong with our foreign policy? Ah, we don't have the blessings of the French or Germans. We must be wrong!

Mr. Gelbart's irrational and libelous line of thought continues when he accuses the Bush administration of colluding with corporate criminals, when it is the Bush administration's Justice Department that is jailing corporate crooks. Also, taking a talking point from The Sopranos is the mark of a truly desperate mind.

As for the war in Iraq: The liberation of 25 million people; the denial of sanctuary to terrorists who would destroy us all - including Mr. Gelbart; preventing the proliferation of future WMDs to terrorists; and the strategic placement of our military between and surrounding two members of the axis of evil apparently means nothing to liberals who are blinded by intense misology.

Liberals don't believe in letting facts interfere with their misguided philosophy. Their irrational hatred drives them to believe lies and repeat them.

Don Christian


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