Originally created 09/21/04

Corporate sponsorships would let money make money

No one can earn a million dollars honestly.

- William Jennings Bryan

What's up with money? It seems like we went for the longest time with few alterations in the coins and paper that make the U.S. economy go 'round.

But now even our change is changing.

Nickels need a bigger Jefferson on the front and something different on the back.

Quarters feature a variety of states.

And paper money, the stuff we use when we can't find a credit card, now shows our late presidents with bigger heads.

So, I say, why stop there?

Why not sell sponsorships on America's cash?

Let General Motors replace Gen. Grant on a $50.

Let McDonald's pay to put a quarter-pounder on the quarter.

I see it as a way to put our money to work.

If we can put Mickey Mouse on a postage stamp, we can put Disney on a dollar - for a small fee, of course.


NAME GAME: Someone wrote in to ask how Richmond County's Deans Bridge Road got its name.

Who were the Deans? Where is the bridge?

The answer is, I'm not sure.

I checked with a few local historians and got an assortment of guesses.

One map in the early 1900s shows Deans Bridge Road listed as Patterson Road, I was told.

Any ideas?


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

TODAY'S JOKE: A young attorney was sent overseas to represent a longtime client accused of robbery. After days of trial, the case was won and the client acquitted and released.

Excited about his success, the attorney e-mailed the firm: "Justice prevailed."

The senior partner quickly replied, "Appeal immediately."

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